October 10, 2013

Image of the Day 33: High Impact Motor Vehicle Accident

This radiological image belongs to a 32 years old gentleman who was brought to Emergency department due to self Road Traffic Accident. Patient is a motorcycle driver, wearing helmet and alleged self MVA under alcohol influence. The exact mechanism of injury was unknown and patient unable to provide the history.

Upon arrival, GCS E3, V4, M6 =13/15. Vital signs are stable. No active bleeding.  The Plain radiograph below shows multiple bones fracture and indicative of high impact injury

can you spot the abnormalities?

Sixth cervical spine fracture, non displaced.

Left glenoid fossa fracture, oblique fracture exiting superiorly, involving the scapular neck

Left third anterior rib comminuted fracture   
Non displaced fracture of medial 1/3 of the left clavicle

Patient was referred to tertiary hospital for CT scan of the brain which shows no intra cranial pathology.

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