October 9, 2013

Image of the Day 32: Left Posterior Medial Elbow Dislocation

17 years old boy presented to Emergency Department due to severe pain of left elbow region and unable to bend the elbow joint after fall while skate boarding.

Examination of the left arm reveal a deformed elbow joint and palpation reveal prominent olecranon at the medial side of the elbow joint. It is warm, tender and reduce in range of movement. examination of distal artery and nerves are normal.

deformed left elbow

Plain radiograph of the Elbow joint AP and lateral shows posterior and medial elbow dislocation with no fracture line seen.

AP view

Lateral view

Elbow dislocation was reduced under procedural sedation and analgesia and post reduction plain radio graph shows satisfactory reduction

Reducing elbow joint dislocation. Image taken from Primary surgery volume 2 at this link [here]

AP View

Lateral view

Back slab was applied in flexion position and patient was discharged with follow up under orthopedic clinic.

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