September 14, 2013

Image of the Day 29: Second Degree Burn of the Right Upper Limb and Anterior Lateral Chest Wall

18 months old baby girl was brought by the mother because of alleged hot water splashed over the right side of upper trunk 12 hours prior to presentation.

The picture shows second degree burn of the right upper limb with anterior lateral chest wall. Ruptured Bullae was seen at anterior cubital fossa and near the axillary fold. Wounds appear dirty.

Even though it is only 3% TBSA, it is considered as major burn as overlie the major joints.


  1. What modality was used in assessing the extent the burnt surface?

  2. I'm not sure about other developed country but in my setting, it's a clinical judgment... first degree is like the sun burnt or any hot injury that did not breach the skin layer.. it is usually painful

    second degree burn will have all those blistering formation and it;s more painful as the nerve ending for pain is exposed

    and the third degree is painless as the nerve is damaged...

    some place may add 4th degree burn into the classification to indicate that there is bone involvement..


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