August 31, 2013

Image of the Day 26: Alleged Spoon Ingestion in Psychiatric Patient

These are the radiological images belongs to the mid 20 year old gentleman with underlying history of schizophrenia who alleged swallowed spoon one day prior to presentation.

He currently presented with complaint of excessive vomiting and abdominal pain.

On examination, he look anxious but otherwise not aggressive and vital sign are stable. Patient was refered to surgical team for OGDS.

A spoon inside the digestive tract. most likely stomach

nice carving of the spoon can be visualized from the x ray image

Erect CXR shows tip of spoon at fundus. no sign of hollow organ perforation


Ya Allah! Permudahkanlah aku untuk menuntut ilmuMu, memahaminya, mengingati dan menyebarkannya. Berkatilah ilmu itu dan tambahkanlah ia. Amin.