July 14, 2013

Gunshot wound: A lucky Young Man

Ever watch any Malaysian movie involving the battle between the police and the criminals? A blow to the chest by the bullet and patient is finished. Dies without any early notice. Does it really happen that way?

A patient of mine is an early 30 years old guy was brought to casualty after alleged shot by a pirate who try to seize his boat. He was shot in a very short range in which the shooter stand just beside him. Using a home-made gun, the bullet enter the anterior chest wall at the level of 9th intercostals space at mid axillary line and exit at the mid axillary line at the level of 10th intercostals space of lateral chest wall. it is very fortunate to him that he did not sustain any major chest injury and no massive bleeding.

If we did a literature review, it is surprisingly to see that the mortality rate from gunshot wound is not high as how scary the event is. However, the mortality increase significantly if the injury involving the shot breaching the heart or late presentation to the hospital

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