April 22, 2012

Image of the Day 6: Cholangiogram

In today's Image of the Day, i just want to share with readers the image of the cholangiogram in a patient with post removal of gallbladder. In the image, it is appear that there's a present of hypodense lesion at the common hepatic duct in which it was initially thought to be stone. Eventually it was actually an air formed during the injection of the contrast and disappear later. Try to compare the cholangiogram image with the schematic illustration of the biliary tree for further understanding. The reason why i post this image is simply because I'm having a problem in remembering this very simple biliary tree. I hope someone with similar problem can be benefited from this images as well.

Image taken from website MedNews [link]

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  1. Interesting, can you teach me how to read a chest x ray, I am really confused, it would be really great if you can show me how to read a chest x ray. Thank you for the knowledge


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