April 7, 2011

chronic suppurative otitis media (MCQ)

1) Regarding chronic suppurative otitis media(CSOM)

a. Major cause of acquired hearing impairment in children
b. perforation of the pars tensa is complicated with cholesteatomas
c. Middle ear effusion without tympanic perforation
d. Common during the first 6 years of child's life
e. Caused by Pseudomonas aeuginosa

2) Regarding chronic suppurative otitis media(CSOM)

a. In children, it is due to short Eustachian tube
b. Oral antibiotic is the most preferred treatment.
c. Chronic mastoiditis is a recognized complication
d. Will never cause brain abscess
e. Inhibit language and cognitive development in children.

3) Regarding chronic suppurative otitis media(CSOM)

a) Patient may complaint of ear fullness due to chronic ear discharge
b) Conductive hearing loss is not a complication.
c) can be treated with aural toilet
d) Tympanoplasty is contraindicated.
e) Reconstructive ear surgery may cause total deafness

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