April 21, 2011

Acute Gastroenteritis in children (MCQ)

1) Regarding acute gastroenteritis in children

A) Vibrio cholera is the commonest organism

B) Shigellosis presents with bloody diarrhea

C) Gentamicin is the treatment of choice

D) Lactose intolerance is a complication

E) Oliguria indicates severe infection

2) Regarding Acute gastroenteritis in children

A) Osmotic diarrhea is due to damage to the villious border of the intestine

B) ORS treatment cause decline in mortality rate among the children

C) Vomiting alone without diarrhea is unlikely

D) Campylobacter is a known causative agent

E) All patient require complete septic workout

3) Regarding acute gastroenteritis in children

A)Lactose free milk should be used instead of lactose containing formula

B)Breast feeding should be discourage

C)Severe dehydration can be managed with ORS

D)Food high in simple sugar may worsen the diarrhea

E) Meningitis is a complication

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