March 12, 2011

60 Years old lady with painful right shoulder and reduce range of movement

You are reviewing a 60 years old Malay lady at casualty who alleged fall with forceful pulling on the arm while hanging the curtain. That poor old lady complaint of severe right shoulder pain and reduce shoulder joint movement. When you see her, she was holding her right arm with the left arm with slight abduction and external rotation. Below is the picture of the chest plain radiograph AP view.


1) Decribe the plain radiograph
2) What plain radiograph view should you take to visualize more clearly the lesion
3) What is your provisional diagnosis
4) Suggest the mechanism of injury for (3)
5) What physical examination should you perform on this patient
6) What is the complication of (3)
7) How do you manage this patient

For answer to this question, click [here]

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