December 2, 2010

A Mature Pseudoprimid with Hypertension in Pregnancy and History of Subfertility for four years.

38 years old Malay lady, gravida two, para 0 + 1(miscarriage) was referred to HUSM at 38 week + 3 days from District Hospitals in view of elevated blood pressure during the ante antenatal check up at 38 week period of amenorrhea. Patient was initially noted to have high blood pressure during booking at 13 week of pregnancy but not started on anti hypertensive medication as blood pressure normalize throughout pregnancy. Currently the hypertension is controlled with tab Methyldopa 100 mg t.d.s. There is no sign and symptoms of impending eclampsia. Apart from that, noted problem list include advance maternal age, nulliparity and history of infertility for four years (however current pregnancy is by spontaneous pregnancy).

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