December 26, 2010

The Blue Baby with Difficulty in Breathing and Refuse Breast Feeding

You are houseman on call in NICU and need to accompany Medical Officer to review an eight day of life, Malay, baby girl who was brought to casualty by her mother because of bluish discoloration of the whole body, difficulty in breathing and refuse breast feeding. Below is the baby’s chest x- ray


1)Describe the physiological changes of fetal circulation into adult circulation
2)What do you think would be the cause of bluish discoloration?
3)How do you differentiate the bluish discoloration of pulmonary and cardiac origin?
4)Describe the chest x ray findings
5)List the causes of congenital cyanotic heart disease
6)What is your differential diagnosis for this patient
7)Give three diagnostic investigation to determine the type of cardiac malformation in this patient
8)Outline your management for this patient?

for answer to this question, click [here]

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