July 13, 2010

The Lethal Six and the Hidden Six in Trauma Patient

The lethal six means condition whereby patient will die if there is no aggressive action taken. Therefore, it is a very crucial for emergency physician to identify the condition.


a) Airway obstruction

b) Tension pneumothorax

c) Open chest wound

d) Massive haemothorax

e) Cardiac temponade

f) Flail chest

Meanwhile, hidden six means that condition whereby patient look stable. However, if they were discharge or overlook, their condition may deteriorate and lead to death.


a) Pulmonary contusion

b) Aortic disruption

c) Tracheobronchial disruption

d) Myocardial contusion

e) Esophageal trauma.

f) Traumatic diaphragmatic rupture


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