June 17, 2010

Preterm Labour

32 years old malay lady, G3P2 at 30W + 2/7 POA presented to labour room after noticing a gushing of clear fluid pass through her vagina at the morning. below is her CTG on admission


1) comment on the CTG

2) Outline your management to her

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  1. CTG raedings can be read as 3 patterns, Normal, Suspicious or Pathological.

    For this case, CTG is Normal as it has 4 reassuring features,

    I)Baseline Hear Beat is 145 bpm. (Normal between 110 -160)

    II)Presence of acceleration (this one I don't really know how to comment)

    III)No deceleration

    IV)variability in acceleration of 5-10 bpm.


    First thing first, must confirm her pregnancy date.
    -Ask about her last NORMAL menstrual period.
    -If unsure, first trimester ultrasound.

    Take full history of presenting complaint.
    -Ask about the fluid characteristic, smell, colour, consistency, volume, associated with pain/not (labour sign).
    -ask about fetal movement, still viable?
    -exclude differential diagnosis such as urinary incontinence, any history before?
    -exclude any infection, symptoms such as fever, dysuria, haematuria.

    Do Physical Examination.
    -Asses amniotic fluid volume, fetal lie, position, movement.
    - To exclude urinary incontinence, do vaginal inspection and ask patient to cough.

    Do investigation :
    -Non stres test CTG monitoring.
    -Low vaginal swab??
    -Ultra Sound Scan for fetal well being.

    This is my answer before I look at yours. Please comment and correct me. Thank you.


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