June 6, 2010

Long Case Examination for Phase III Examination (Obstetric Cases)

click this [link] to download this pdf book version

Dear friends,

This small booklet is dedicated to you for quick revision before sitting for long case examination, obstetric cases. it is based on common case in HUSM and favorite questions asked by lecturers.

For non USM Medical students, Long case examination is one of the component for end posting examination rotation O&G and also one of the component in final exam. in this paper, students are required to spent time for one hour with patient and they are expected to take full relevent history and perform the relevent physical examination. it is then followed with discussion session with two examiners.

Hopefully, this small contribution can benefit you in your undergraduate journey. if there is any mistake in the content of this book, do not hesitate to inform me and i will update it later.

please pray for me that i can finish my undergraduate study according to expected time and pursuit my dream to become emergency physician

thank you,

sincerely yours
Bro Muhamad Na'im B. Ab Razak (jacknaim)


  1. wow..

    syukran, mintak izin download.
    kalaw saya dah posting OnG nanti saya nak try buat juga lah..

    ini bro naim buat sendiri ke? hasil soal selidik senior?

  2. no problem... memang buat utk share pun...

    saya buat skema utk soalan2 yg di compile oleh senior& juga soalan yg ditanya doktor sewaktu sy join morning round

  3. salam, sangat bagus effort, really. btw. nak tanya.
    memang sampai page 32 ke caner eh?
    the rest of the topics mcm anemia in pregnancy tade eh?

  4. salam.. ada2.. cuma masa sy compile buku tu, case discussion x byk sgt..total dlm 50 page je..so kalau print dlm format buku jd cam x lawa..

    disease yg saya cover tu bleh tgk kat page depan tu..

    so sy tambah koleksi mcq sy dlm 30 page lg..

    tp sy x update no mukasurat tu..sebab tu last page no 31...

    insyaALLAH, bila sy masuk posting o&G utk final year, sy try update lg buku tu utk masukkan lebh banyak input

  5. icic. oh dah checked dah. thanks yea! reallyyyy helpful mashaAllah.

    ktorang next week dah nak long case ni. first time in life. =S

  6. all the best in ur exam. may allah open your heart and make it easy for you to answer the question

    all the best

  7. i actually printed out the book, and brought it to the hosp. one houseman nampak and requested for a closer look. dia kata, "kenapa budak ni (referring you) rajin sangat eh?".
    ho ho. thanks neway. you haf longcase for paeds?


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