April 3, 2010

MCQ Orthopedic set 1

1) Regarding bone marrow

a) Yellow marrow is the only marrow type found in neonates

b) Red marrow in diaphyses of appendicular skeleton is always pathological

c) Yellow marrow may become red in Paget’s disease

d) Yellow marrow contains large quantity number of fat

e) Marrow occupy medullary cavity and space between trabeculae of cancellous bone

2) Regarding Paget’s disease of the bone

a) Characterized by yellow marrow

b) Increase in bone blood flow during active phase

c) Increased osteoclastic bone resorption coupled with irregular bone formation.

d) Associated with hearing loss.

e) Rapid increase in ALP may indicate sarcoma.

3) Hypercalcemia

a) Present of Chvostek’s sign and carpopedal spasm

b) Treated by urgent rehydration and furosemide

c) Secondary to hypoparathyroidism

d) Not fatal

e) Sarcoidosis is a differential diagnosis

4) Regarding bone metabolism

a) Hyperthyroidism causing osteoporosis by increasing bone turnover

b) Hypocalcaemia secondary to chronic kidney disease are due to hypophosphatemia

c) Osteomalacia is caused by inadequate level of 1, 25(OH) 2D3.

d) Postmenopausal osteoporosis results from diminish indirect effect of estrogen to bone metabolism

e) Chronic steroid user associated with diminishes bone formation

5) Regarding PTH

a) Stimulates by increase level of ionized calcium in extracellular fluid

b) Increase renal reabsorption of Ca2+

c) Act directly on bones to increase bone resorption

d) The level of PTH increase in prolongs use of prednisolone.

e) The level is not affected by total thyroidectomy.

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