March 29, 2010

OSCE: Professional III practice 1

You are given this strip


1) What is the name of the test that use above kit? (2m)

2) Outline the steps to use the test? (2m)

3) What is the principle of the above test (1m)

4) How to interpreted the test (1m)

5) How do you manage the patient with positive results? (4m)

for answer, click [here]


  1. I never seen this kit before..

    now I know its 4 H.Pylori.

    But what kind of specimen we use?
    Stomach??? O_O

    wont endoscopy be enough to diagnose this pt?

  2. in malaysia we dont have urease breath test. therefore, during endoscopy, we take specimen from stomach and apply it to this kit..

    endoscopy will only tell u that there's ulcer. therefore biopsy is still needed


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