March 17, 2010

Near Drowning Case

A 30 years old Malay Man was brought to casualty by the relatives after drown at Recreational rapids. According to relatives, he was trying to save his brother who fall down into the water after a bridge over the water broke down. He was immersed under water for about 5 minutes.

On examination, he was drowsy and lethargic with rapid breathing. His vital sign is as below

Temperature: 36.5°C

BP: 118/60 mmHg

Heart rate: 58 beat per minutes

Respiratory rate: 20 breaths per minutes

SPO2= 85%

1) What is the definition of Drowning and Near drowning

2) What is the Pathophysiology of drowning

3) Comment on the vital signs

4) What is your management to this patient

Notes: This is a modified case of near-drowning case that I managed when I was doing attachment at Machang district Hospital’s Casualty last year. I am planning to publish it earlier but forgot. Credited to Dr Solah, Ma’s and Nurses

For answer to this question, click [here]

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