February 27, 2010

Surgery OSCE Quiz 5

A 67 Years Old Malay Lady with past medical history of pulmonary tuberculosis and has completed treatment currently presented with fever for 3/7. It is a high grade fever associated with chills but no rigor. The fever is temporarily relieved by tab. Paracetamol. There is no pleuritic chest pain, haemoptysis, shortness of breath, night sweat and no symptoms of urinary tract infection.

Two days later, she develops Right iliac fossa pain that brought her to hospital. It is pricking in nature, continuous, increase in frequency when coughing and not radiate to any part of body. It is also associated with anorexia and nausea.

After a thorough examination, she was prep for surgery and organ x was removed.

Below is the picture of organ X


1) What is organ X, and how do you identify it?

2) Name the blood supply to organ X

3) What is your differential diagnosis?

4) What is your provisional diagnosis?

5) What clinical sign to elicit in supporting your provisional diagnosis?

6) What usually caused organ X to be removed?

7) What is the complication that can develop in this patient?

8) How do you manage the patient from the first time she presented to you until discharged.

for answer, click [here]

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