February 23, 2010

Surgery Osce Quiz 4

12 Years old Chinese Boy complaint of sudden onset abdominal discomfort when waking up from sleep 2/52 prior to admission. Later on, He notice that his abdomen become progressively distended with painless mass at the left upper quadrant. It is associated with shortness of breath. There was no history of trauma, fever or any family history of blood disorder.

An elective laparatomy was performed on this boy and Organ X was removed from his abdomen. Below is the image of the Organ X

Picture A

Picture B

Picture C

1) Identify the organ X

2) What is the function of organ X

3) Name the blood supply to organ X

4) Name the venous drainage of organ X

5) Name five ligament that holds organ X in place

6) What is the common cause for removal of organ X

7) What is the most common and worrisome complication when Organ X is removed and how to prevent it.

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  1. Salam thanx sgt bermanfaat

    osce o n g ade??

    ade senarai contraception method di malaysia and generic name dier?


  2. wsalam w.b.t
    saya x buat osce O&G sebab skang sya rotation surgery. insyaALLAH jika ada masa sya akan postkan..

    pasal contraception di mas tu ade generic name tp kat klinik. insyaALLAH sekiranya ada masa saya beri kpd saudara/i


Ya Allah! Permudahkanlah aku untuk menuntut ilmuMu, memahaminya, mengingati dan menyebarkannya. Berkatilah ilmu itu dan tambahkanlah ia. Amin.