January 16, 2010

A Chinese Lady with Multiple Chronic Illnesses.

This is a picture of 60 years old Chinese lady with multiple chronic illnesses and was discharge with multiple drugs. Can you identify the pictures and try to answer the question?

Question 1

a) Give one findings seen in this picture.

Question 2

a) Name one finding seen on patient’s hand

b) What disease that could give rise to finding in a.

Question 3:

a) Comment on patient’s palm

b) What condition can give rise to finding in a?


  1. nice blog, where can i find the answers to the picture quiz?

  2. Hi, can you give the answers. Thank you.

  3. 1.a) Purpuric rash?

    2. a) finger clubbing?
    3. a) Palmar erythema?
    b)Portal hypertension

  4. 1) Multiple petichae over the bilateral lower limb

    2) Is a finger clubbing and you must be able to differentiate it between true clubbing or pseudoclubbing. True clubbing arise from either cardiac, respiratory or hepatic lesion whole pseudo clubbing is secondary to paraneoplastic syndrome of lung carcinoma

    3)Palmar erythema


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