October 6, 2009

SEQ Mental status examination 1

A 34 years old Malay male which was recently diagnosed with mental illness have history of frequently visiting prostitute for sexual activity. A psychiatrist was come to pyschiatry ward to evaluate the patient. Below is some of the conversation between the doctor and patient.

Dr: I was told that you frequestly visit the prostitude, am I correct?

Pt: Yes, I am.

Dr: So, what do you think about it? Is it ok to do that?

Pt: Yes! It’s ok to do that.

Dr: So, you don’t think that it’s wrong.

Pt: Yes.

Dr: What about your wife?

Pt: Well, I’m single

Dr: What did your religion said regarding this thing?

Pt: Well, I did not pray and not really practising my religion.

Dr: Do you aware the dangerous of your activity with prostitude?

Pt: Do you mean HIV or any other sexual transmitted disease?

Dr: Yes.

Pt: Well, I use condom.

1) What do you think that the doctor is testing the patient for?

2) What is your interpretation based on above conversation?

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