October 7, 2009

Abstract thinking VS Concrete thinking

In mental status examination, we might want to elicit whether the abstract thinking is intact.

so what is abstract thinking?

It is the ability to appreciate nuances (subtle difference in or shade of meaning, expression, color, etc) of meaning; multidimensional thinking with ability to use metaphor and hypothesis appropriately

Concrete thinking is literal thinking; limited use of metaphor without understanding of nuances of meaning; one dimensional thought.

in this segment, we will test three aspect of thing which is

1) Proverb test
2) Test of similarity
3) Test of differences

Note; give examples before testing the patient.

example step:

1) Do you know the meaning of "Bagai Pinang di belah dua?"
2) Ok, what about " Bagai anjing dengan kucing"
3) alright, let me give you this example. if Durian and pisang are both fruit, what is the similarity between burung dan kapal terbang
4) ok! now tell me the similarity between chair and tables.
5) alright, do you know what is the differences between harimau and itik?
6) Ok, now tell me the differences between radio and pen

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