September 29, 2009

fall case

66 years old chinese lady was brought up to ED after alleged fall in the bathroom.

1) state the findings in the above picture
2) what is your possible diagnosis?
3) Outline the management for this patient

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  1. 1)lateral deviation of left leg, muscle wasting.
    2)dislocation of left hip joint.

  2. Fox cuba buat ikut format yg kita belajar utk buat soalan OSCE tu.. nanti aku bg jawapan later

  3. why are X-ray of the hip is not provided? is it unnecessary?

  4. white raven,
    it is so important but not provided here because it is an answer for question no. 3. you need x ray to exclude dislocation vs (fracture head of femerus [intra articular vs extra articular])


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