July 9, 2009

Central retinal vein Occlusion

Retinal vein occlusion is divided into central retinal occlusion and branch retinal occlusion. Meanwhile, central retinal vein occlusion is further divided into ischemic and non-ischemic types.

1) Causes of Central retinal vein occlusion

- Systemic vascular disease (HPT, DM, CVD)

- Blood dyscrasia (PCV, lymphoma, leukemia)

- Clotting disorder

- Vasculitis

- Paraproteinemia & Dysproteinemia.

2) Signs and symptoms

- Sudden onset

- Painless severe loss of central of vision.

3) Fundus examination of CRVO

- Retinal hemorrhage

- Dilated tortuous vein

- Cotton wool spot (in ischemic type)

- Macular edema

- Optic nerve edema

- Neovascularization of the disc

4) Complication

- Ocular neovascularization ( in anterior segment lead to neovascular glaucoma, posterior segment lead to Vitreous hemorrhage)

- Macular edema

- Macular pucker

- Optic atrophy

Macular pucker: Contracture of an abnormal scar tissue membrane (epiretinal membrane, ERM) which grows over the surface to the macula

5) Treatment

- No definitive treatment

- Treat the underlying systemic disease

- In treating NVD ( Laser: Panretinal photocoagulation)


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  1. a lot of terms that i'm not familiar with..

    no definitive treatment is scary..

  2. you will meet in once you're posted in ophthalmology posting. even though you re not yet in th posting. you should focus on some disease that related to eye. one scholar said

    eye is a manifestation of a systemic disease.

    well, for me it's really true

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