July 9, 2009

Branch retinal vein occlusion

Branch retinal vein occlusion occurs when there is a blockage of the small veins in the retina. Arterial compression of the vein is believed to be the main cause of BRVO especially in the case of arteriosclerosis of the artery in the eyes.

1) Signs and symptoms

* Asymptomatic especially involving nasal branch (patient not notice it)

* Painless sudden onset blurry vision.

* Some patient complaints scomata.

2) Fundus examination

* Acute phase (intraretinal hemorrhages (usually flame shaped), retinal edema, and cotton-wool spots)

* chronic stage (macula edema)

* Neovascularization.

Upper branch vein occlusion

3) Complication

* Macular pucker@ cellophane maculopathy

* Macular edema that lead to reduce vision.

* Optic atrophy

* Ocular neovascularization

a) In anterior segment: Lead to neovascular glaucoma

b) In posterior segment: lead to vitreous hemorrhage.

macula edema

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