April 28, 2009

SOB [Histopathology]

Study the Slide provided

A) Name the organ shows (1m)

B) Describe the microscopic characteristic (3m)

C) What is your diagnosis (1m)

D) What investigation that you would like to perform (3m)

E) What is the complication of the disease (2m)


A) Lung

B) 1) Dilation of airspaces

2) Ruptured alveoli wall @ Loss of airway wall

3) Capillaries in septal wall are thinned and stretch

4) Destruction of septal wall

C) Emphysema

D) 1) Lung function test

- Evidence of airflow limitation

- Ratio of FEV1 : FVC is reduced

2) Chest X Ray

- Hyper inflated lung, flattened diafghram, large retrosternal space on lateral film

3) α1 – Antitrypsin levels

- Normal (2-4 g/L)

E) 1) Respiratory failure

2) Cor Pulmonale

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