April 20, 2009

MCQ in Hematology Block I

Assalamu’alaikum. Let see how much you may score in this simple test. We will follow the real format of MCQ examination. You will be awarded one point for correct answer and 0.5 marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer. In order to score, you have to make LESS MISTAKE!

1) Which of the following is a cause of eosinophilia

a) Asthma

b) Prolong infection

c) Atopic dermatitis

d) Eczema

e) Chronic urticaria

2) Which disorder can cause lymphadenopathy

a) Miliary tuberculosis

b) Chronic heart disease

c) Infectious mononucleosis

d) Lipid storage disease

e) Hodgkin lymphoma

3) Which statement is true regarding lymphoma

a) The malignancy occur in bone marrow

b) It usually starts in the lymph nodes of the stomach or intestines

c) It is the result of injury to the RNA of a lymphocytes

d) In Hodgkin lymphoma, 80-85% are B cell origin

e) Multiple myeloma involves the skeleton

4) Which is true regarding Burkitt lymphoma

a) It is a sub classification of Hodgkin’s lymphoma

b) Most common in children from east central Africa and Papua New Guinea

c) It is fast growing tumor of the jaw and facial bones

d) It is associated with HIV infection

e) Associated with translocations of the c-MYC gene on Ch 8

5) Which coagulation factor is regulated by Vitamin K


b) II

c) X

d) VII

e) XI

6) Which of the following associated with Disseminated Intravascular Coagulapathy

a) Procoagulant inhibition

b) Fibrinolytic activity

c) Inhibitor consumption

d) End organ damage

e) AML type 3

7) Megaloblastic anaemia

a) Small erythrocyte

b) Due to vitamin B-12 deficiency

c) Presence of macrocytes

d) Caused by increase folate

e) Decrease in cell thickness

8) Pernicious anemia

a) Associated with end stage type A chronic atrophic gastritis

b) Most common form of megaloblastic anaemia

c) It is of viral origin

d) Mean age of onset is 6 years old

e) Defective in uptake of Vitamin B-12

9) Which is the cause of microcytic, hypochromic anaemia

a) Iron deficiency anaemia

b) Lead poisoning

c) Thalassaemia

d) Pernicious anaemia

e) Acute bleeding

10) Which disorder is correctly paired with it’s characteristic

a) Myelodysplastic syndrome- Reduction in RBC, Platelet, White blood cell

b) Sideroblastic anemia- due to defect in mitochondrial metabolism

c) Post hemorrhagic anemia- Normocytic, normochromic anemia

d) Fanconi anemia- Defect in porphyrin synthesis

e) G6PD deficiency- cannot tolerate oxidative stress

Answer and Explanation

1) All true except B –Eosinophil will increase in anaphylactic reaction and parasitic infection

2) All true except B- Lymphadenopathy may be caused by neoplastic disease, immunologic, inflammatory condition, endocrine disorder, infection and lipid storage disease.

3) F( leukaemia occur in bone marrow), T, F (DNA not RNA), T, T

4) F (non Hodgkin lymphoma), T, T, F(associated with EBV but Aggressive type occurring in individuals with HIV), T

5) F, T, T,T,F (Remember 1972)

6) All true except A (Procoagulant activity)

7) F, T, T, F, F

8) T, T, F, F(60), T(deficiency in intrinsic factor usually due to autoimmune)

9) T(reduced iron availability), T(Reduce heme synthesis), T(Reduce globin synthesis), F,F

10) F(aplastic anaemia), T, T, F (defect in DNA repair), T

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