April 10, 2009

Describing fracture on X- Ray

1) Identification data (Name, gender, date taken, etc)

2) Pediatrics or adult (remember that baby has LOT OF BONES and NOT YET DEVELOP WELL)

3) View

a) The rule of two (Common is AP and Lateral)

b) Shoulder (AP, Y view, axillary)

c) Elbow (AP, Lateral, Internal& external oblique)

d) Wrist and hand (PA, Lateral, PA oblique)

e) Hip (AP, Lateral, AP Pelvis)

f) Knee (AP, lateral, skyline)

g) Ankle and foot (AP, Lateral, Oblique)

4) Site of X ray taken (eg: left knee joint, pelvis, Right forearm, etc)

5) Extra articular VS intra articular

6) Anatomical description of fracture

a) Type (simple, spiral, comminuted, transverse, greenstick, oblique, compound)

b) Comminution (non comminuted, mildly comminuted, severely comminuted)

c) Location (Name of the bone and location eg; distal right radial shaft, proximal 1/3 left humeral shaft)

d) Displacement (angulation, translation, shortening)

7) Any soft tissue involvement (swelling, gas under tissue)

8) Any foreign body (metal appears more opaque than bone, wood piece)

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