April 10, 2009

change of mood in 20 years old female students

A 20 years old female college student which previously quiet presented with history of being excessive talkative and active for two weeks of duration. She always gives mini lectures to her friends and become extrovert. Currently she enjoys shopping and spent RM250 for unnecessary item. She starts to wear bright clothes. During your interview, she said that she may become a lecturer as she is very cleaver. She mention that she sleeps for 1-2 hours per night but still very active at days for busying making plans on how to improve the ministry of education. During the interview, she mentioned that she was left by her boyfriend two years ago after giving her virginity and admits that she was depressed with this condition and cries a lot. Sometimes she thought about taking her own life

1)List four differential diagnosis
2)Give four further questions you would like to ask
3)Elicit the current symptoms of this patient
4)Outline the drugs treatment for this patient

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