March 30, 2009

A Doctor's Prayer

I wanna be a doctor of my dream. A doctor whom i can trust to deliver my sick and pity mom, dad, siblings and family members unto their hands. They will fight with courage and full of dignity to provide the best care needed for them and make a right call without harming them. A doctor with good knowledge and outstanding skills so i wont feel any regret sending them to him.

I Pray to the Almighty Lord over and over. Dear Lord, please hear my soft whispering. It comes truly deep from my heart. Even though I'm not a good servant to you, but i do pray for you for this. Please help me to acquire and master all the skills that i need to prepare me to be a good healer. Guide me in making decision for the best of my patient interest. Show me the light that will keep my mind bright so that i will not make a decision that will cause me to regret it for the rest of my life.

Bless me with wisdom in all my dealings with patient. Protect me from hurting the patient with my words and action. Give me the wisdom to council them and make their road easy. Help me to protect their modesty and dignity. If my patient are destined to live, please give them a speed of recovery. If death is inevitable, please do not let them suffer and make them die easily and peacefully. Even though dying is painful, but please soften their suffering for they are going to meet you. If their destiny is to meet you, please dont let me to be the cause of their departure. Save me from negligence and misconduct. No matter they are at the end of the road or taking a new turn, please remind me to share your love with them.

Give me strength to update myself with knowledge and the courage to share them with my fellow colleagues, seniors and juniors in this noble profession. Motivate me every seconds and minutes to uphold the purity of medical knowledge and keep sharing them for the best of patient’s care and for the glory of Islamic civilization. Avoid me from being an ego person with this little knowledge that i acquired from you. Bless me with wisdom to maintain a good and professional bond with my fellow colleagues.

O God, help me in my journey of achieving my dream in this career. To be an outstanding emergency and trauma physician and dedicating my life in serving the humanity with love, passion and your love in my heart. Please dont let me abusing my tittle for my own benefit that come from the lustful desire.

O Allah! Please bless this dream and prayer and reminds me about this as long as i’m still alive. With this, i end my prayer but i will keep on repeating it again and again so that you will always grant me this wish.

Your humble servent,
Dr Muhamad Na’im B. Ab Razak (jacknaim)

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